TerraNova Overview


Tests and assessments that promote student achievement and learning with a full range of research-based standardized achievement tests, reports, and services.

TerraNova®, Third Edition features 2011 norms from a national study and delivers all the features that make TerraNova an industry leader. These are the most current and accurate norms, which allow educators to compare achievement results between groups of students. With item alignments to state standards, educators can review student results in the context of common school and district criteria, plus key enhancements that help your educators improve achievement and learning.

TerraNova, Complete Battery
Provides detailed diagnostic information. This series of assessments generates precise norm-referenced achievement scores, a full complement of criterion-referenced objective mastery scores, and performance-level information.

Subject Areas: 
Reading (Grades K–12)
Math (Grades K–12)
Language (Grades K–12)
Science (Grades 1–12)
Social Studies (Grades 1–12)

Plus Tests
Measures important foundation skills in work analysis, vocabulary, language mechanics, spelling and mathematics computation and provides additional in-depth information about students’ basic skills in these content areas.

Subject Areas: 
Word Analysis (Grades 1–3)
Vocabulary (Grades 1–12)
Language Mechanics (Grades 2–12)
Spelling (Grades 2–12)
Mathematics Computation (Grades 1–12)

TerraNova Survey
An abbreviated version of the Complete Battery and provides a general measure of achievement, with a minimum amount of testing time. The Survey generates norm-referenced achievement scores, criterion-referenced objective mastery scores, and performance-level information.

Subject Areas: 
Reading (Grades 2–12)
Math (Grades 2–12)
Language (Grades 3–12)
Science (Grades 2–12)
Social Studies (Grades 2–12)



The TerraNova3 is a series of tests that are nationally normed for assessing student performance at the various grade levels. It is a well known and highly respected series of tests that is used by the vast majority of independent, private and Christian schools throughout the nation in our Armed Forces Dependents' schools on the various military bases, and by the State of Alaska as its own statewide assessment test. It was formerly known as the California Achievement Test before its newest revision when it was renamed as the TerraNova.

Trinity Christian Academy as a private Christian school in the State of Maine is not mandated to conduct annual standardized testing such as the NWEA (Maine), the NECAP (New Hampshire), or the MCAS (Massachusetts). However it was the decision of our own School Board of Trustees together with the school Administration that Trinity Christian Academy would administer the TerraNova3 series of standardized tests to all of our students. The reasons for this decision were threefold.

Our goal in administering the TerraNova3 was not test student performance for the sake of testing but to assess our own school and its performance. Our three goals were:

1.) To asssess our school's curruculum to discover our strengths and weaknesses in order to maintain and/or improve it in accordance with our principle of providing high quality of education for our students.

2.) To ensure that our students were indeed receiving/exceeding the quality of education required by the State and necessary for entrance into college and advanced programs of education.

3.) To rpovide the parents of our students and the parents/family of any future or prospective students with visible and tangible evidence and proof that their children were in fact receiveing the education we claim to provide, without the parents having to rely solely upon our word for such a fact.

This past school year (2016-2017), which was our first year as a school, we administered the Complete Battery of the TerraNova3 to our students in the Middle School and in the High School. Below you will find the average score of our students as compared with students throuhgout the country who also took the same test at the same grade levels. On average our Middle School students scored between 2 and 5 grades above grade level, and our High School students scored 1 to 3 grades above grade level. Some of our 9th grade students actually scored at first year college level.

This year (SY 2017-2018) and in all subsequent years we will be adminstering the TerraNova3 to our students twice each year: first at the beginning of the school year in the Fall when we will adminster the TerraNova Survey and again at the end of the school year in the Spring when we will administer the TerraNova Complete Battery of tests. This procedure will allow us to continue monitoring our curriculum for areas of improvement, and it will also allow us to monitor each student's progress during the course of the year and to assess their academic achievements.

Below you will find the chart of the results of our school's 2017 testing.