Student Comments
Parent Comments

"Mrs. Bosse is awesome and she is really fun. I liked doing experiments and making things blow up with Mrs. Lawrence."

- Kolten M


"My teachers are awesome. They care and they're always willing to help. It makes learning easier."

- Amanda B

" I learned more in Mrs. Lawrence's science class in one day than I did all year at my old school."

- Logan M


"I like the elective classes most. Skateboarding and guitar and  are my favorites".

- Josh L


"I'm so pleased with my son's progress in private school. Homeschooling just wasn't working for us, and public school is so overwhelming. There are only five students in his class,  so he gets all the help he needs."

- Heather L 

"My daughter was lost in public school, now she's getting A's and B's".

- Connie B

"Because of the small classes, and individual attention, my grandson is an honor student."

- Chuck L


"Since we transitioned our son to a Private Christian School and he began working with such a wonderful group of teachers, his grades, interest in school, and quality of education has been astounding. We are very excited to watch him continue to excel under their continued guidance for many years to come."

- Bob D


"I am so grateful for the loving care and guidance my son has received. The teachers look at each child as an individual with their own strengths and needs. My son has been blessed with some awesome teachers who understand HIM. The small, intimate classes allow for so much individual attention that my son has been really motivated to learn."

- Jaimie D