School Information

Trinity Christian Academy is a private Christian day school offering a comprehensive program of academics recognized by the Department of Education of the State of Maine as a "school providing equivalent instruction", and thus meets the requirements of the state as to attendance and course work. We do not use any Common Core curriculum and our instruction is Biblically based and academically sound. 

Trinity Christian Academy School Profile

Trinity Christian Academy's School Profile can be viewed by clicking on the School Profile icon above. The vast majority of High Schools and Colleges provide a written profile of their school for students and prospective students to view when making choices about attending the school, and also for the various College Admissions Officers to review to obtain an accurate view and understanding of the applicant's educational background. With the many different grading systems, educational approaches, graduation requirements and other educational information, the college admissions offices and their staff cannot be expected to know each and every school's information and so they need the school profile to understand the background of the school from which the applicant has or will be graduating from.