School Calendar

Trinity Christian Academy operates as a "Private School Providing Equivalent Instruction" as designated by the Department of Education for the State of Maine. The State of Maine requires that such a private school must meet the attendance requirement of either 175 school days or 875 instructional hours per year. At Trinity Christian Academy we have built into our calendar 1053 hours, 949 of which are instructional, thus exceeding the State of Maine mandate.

Other School Information

Below you will find several links to other information about Trinity Christian Academy. One of the links provides more detailed information about financial matters at TCA and the other is a payment schedule we have established to help make it possible for families to keep current with their payments in a manner that does not place too much of a financial burden on the family. We try to make an education at TCA as affordable as possible and with as little burden on the family as possible as well.

Registration Packet

When deciding to register your child for Trinity Christian Academy, there are several required forms that must be filled out completely and filed with our School Office. The Registration packet consists of the following: the Application, the Statement of Faith, the Pastoral Reference, the Current Teacher Reference, a Release of Student's Records, and if the student to be enrolled is in Grades 7-12, then also the Secondary Student Application is required as well. Several othr documents are also included such as: an Activities Release & Waiver, a medication Authorization, Media Release Form, Medications Guidelines, Required immunizations, an Annual Health Record and the School's Student Dress Code. Each can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate button below.

Grading System & GPA

Trinity Christian Academy uses two basic grading systems. For grades 1 through 8 we use the "Letter" system of A, B, C, D, F. For grades 9-12 we use the "Numeric" system of 0 through 100. Passing grades are 70 and above as the chart indicates. Trinity Christian Academy also awards GPA based upon a 4.4 system as also indicated on the chart. This allows for a recognition that superior grades equal to an A+ are reflected in a GPA above 4.0. Certain "honors" classes may be weighted as well with a higher grading and GPA. For Kindergarden students we use the E,S,N,U system meaning: Excellent, Satisfactory, Needs Improvement, Unsatisfactory inasmuch as students at that age do not comprehend the concept of Letter or Numeric Grades. All student receive three grades per subject on their report cards: an Academic Grade to demonstrate their proficiency in the subject matter, a grade for their Conduct in the class, and a separate grade for Effort shown in the class and classwork. This system gives parents a clearer idea of their child's proficiency, conduct and effort in each subject and makes clearer why the academic grade given was earned.

Graduation Requirements

The State of Maine sets a minimum requirement of 16 specific credits for all students to achieve in order to graduate. It expects and allows each local school system to add and require more credits for their particular district or school. The average public school requires a total of 24-26 credits for graduation. At Trinity Christian Academy we require a total of 30 credits in specific areas of study. In addition we also require 80 hours of community servcie throughout the four years of high school (i.e. 20 hours per year). Thus in order to graduate a student must have earned the required total of 30 credits, apportioned out according to the specific areas of study as designated, have completed the 80 hours of community service and has attained the required number of instructional hours per year for attendance purposes. To lear more about the credits required at Trinity Christian Academy, click on the button below.