Trinity Christian Academy has its roots in the "Homeschooling Movement". While it operates as a private Christian day school, we also welcome homeschoolers to participate in the various classes and activities of Trinity Christian Academy in whatever way it is possible for them to do so. All students are considered for our own school purposes as "Private School" students, and are subject to following the same standard curriculum, attendance, conduct and participation requisites as other students. For some families it is necessary for them to register with us as "Dual Enrollment" students which allows them to list themselves as "home-school" students with their local school system to participate in the various sports and other programs and services which are available only to "Home-school" students. Homeschoolers are encouraged to participate in our elective classes on Fridays and any other classes they may need for their educational plan.

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Does Trinity Christian Academy offer options for homeschoolers?

Trinity Christian Academy is a "Private School Providing Equivalent instruction" as designated by the Department of Education for the State of Maine. We are not required to seek accreditation or approval of our teachers or curriculum. This allows us to guarantee that our curriculum is not tied to the Common Core standards, and also guarantees that all of our teachers are practicing Christians who will support the Christian and moral character of the school and their subject matter, while yet maintaining a high standard of educational proficiency and performance. Our curriculum includes all of the standard required courses found in every school such as English/Language Arts, Math, Science, History, Geography, Foreign Languages, Fine Arts, Physical Education, Health, Civics, etc. Our teachers are both practicing Christians and also hold college and/or advanced degrees in their subject area or are well qualified in their field of expertise and have demonstrated a high level of proficiency to teach their subject matter. We will be looking into accrediation by one of the many Christian School accrediting agencies in the foreseeable future.

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Is Trinity Christian Academy accredited?

Trinity Christian Academy is an "inter-denominational" school. This means that each student, teacher, administrator and support staff must be practicing Christians and members of a local Christian Church of their own choice. We have a Statement of Belief that each student, faculty member and family must adhere to. No specific denominational teaching is given at the school but all students must take the required Bible and Christian Studies courses that are a part of our curriculum. In addition, school begins and ends with a mandatory Chapel service every day of the school year. All denominational teaching is left to the individual family and their family church.

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Is Trinity Christian Academy a denominational school?
Does Trinity Christian Academy offer any sports teams or sports options for its students?

At this time the only sports component we have is intramural within the school and several elective classes. We are hoping to soon be able to apply for membership in the Maine Christian School Athletic League. Students who are enrolled with us as "Dual Enrolled", i.e. also as "homeschoolers", are able to register as such with their local school district and are eligible to participate on those schools' sports teams. Many of our students also participate in locally controlled and operated, non-school, athletic programs and sports teams, such as the Sanford-Springvale Youth Athletic Association (SSYAA) and others like it.

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Trinity Christian Academy does not require a specific school uniform, but does have a dress code which is enforced uniformly for all students. All clothing must be modest, clean and in good condition (no holes, tears or frayed.) Pants are to be worn at the waist and held in place by a belt. Shirts and blouses must not display any images or wording that is illegal, immoral or inflamatory. Dresses and skirts must reach to no less than three inches above the knee, and must have straps that are no less then three fingers in width. Shoes or sneakers in good repair are to be worn.  No underclothing may be visible at any time.

Does Trinity Christian Academy require students to wear school uniforms?

Yes, Trinity Christian Academy does require a Community Service Hours component for high school graduation. Each student is required to perform 20 hours of community service per year for their 4 years of high school, for a total of 80 hours of community service. At least one half of the hours must be performed for their own church or another church, and may not include hours spent in worship or worship activities (worship team, music team, usher, altar server, etc). It may include hours such as Sunday School teacher, youth group project, etc. The other half of the hours may be performed at other community servies agencies or activities, or it may also be performed at their church or another church. Any student who performs at least 100 hours of community service will be recognized at graduation as having exceeded the required hours by wearing a special honor cord or emblem.

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Does Trinity Christian Academy require Community Service Hours for graduation?